Lana Prins (born in Egmond aan Zee, 20-09-1993) has been capturing women with her camera since she was fifteen years old. The fascination she has for women already existed before her love of photography, and it eventually turned into a small obsession. Romance, sensuality, innocence and the female body are the main focus in her work. Lana Prins is currently based in Rotterdam.




Photographs are for sale as fine art prints, prizes differ according to photo and size.
Feel free to send an email for any questions about the prints.


Lana Prins shoots sensual portraits of her friends skinny dipping, i-D Magazine, November 8 2015 De sensuele vriendinnen van fotograaf Lana Prins, i-D magazine, November 5 2015 ARTIST OF THE WEEK: LANA PRINS, Kaltblut Magazine, July 16 2015 ‘Poetic erotica’ in the photos of Lana Prins, Mrs. Mokum, Februari 23 2014 'Po√ętische erotiek' in de foto's van Lana Prins, Het Parool, January 25 2014 A talk with Lana Prins for the Reckless issue #31, C-Heads Magazine, January 9 2014 Akt now: Lana Prins, Das Kunstmagazine, October 10 2014 Lana Prins, THRLD, November 4 2013 My name is: Lana Prins, Smile in your face, September 22 2013



Rough Romance, Hoxton Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lana Prins, Gallery DATTA, Lyon, France

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